Our Story


On a rainy night in Missouri back in 2012 it was a typical night at home. Around 10pm I went to let Miley, our chocolate Labrador Retriever out in the gated back yard to use the restroom before bedtime. Miley was one of our family dogs along with Shelby a beagle. Both dogs were rescues from local shelters. Miley was an amazing dog, great with kids and a perfect fit for our family! After about 10 minutes I went back out to let Miley in from outside. She was not in the back yard. The roommate and I searched the neighborhood for her. Unfortunately we could not find her.

We were hoping she would return or we would go back out the next morning to look for her.  The next morning we called the local Humane Society to see if someone had turned Miley in. After I had described Miley to them they stated they had picked up a dog from a nearby busy street, and that she was not in good shape from being hit by a vehicle.

We asked to come see her, and they said that would not be a good idea, so we new instantly this was the worst possible outcome. We then informed the family of what had happened to Miley, and it was like losing a family member. The family was in tears. Since it was dark out, and Miley had a dark colored coat, surely she was hard to see in the dark. Had we had a Safety Doggie Collar on her, the outcome of our story may have been different!




We Miss Miley